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Holistic Producers has been cooked for the past 12 years. I trained as professional dancer for more than 15 years, I see myself as passionate seeker of well-being and balancing techniques. My restlessness personality made me developed several educational programs based on mindfulness, yoga, and Inquiry-Based Coaching, amongst others.

I had participated in numerous conferences and panels on well-being techniques, meditations and empowering women. Empowered by different mentors and teachers I knew that my unique way to share this passion was by using my refreshing thinking style and ability to combine methods, skills, and ideas from different disciplines.

Holistic Producers is a project committed to build a better world with loving-kindness communities. I believe that inner love can strenghten our lives. My guidedance is based in movement, where mind, body, and emotions can led us hear our souls. Come and join this project and be part of our community! We would love to share our passion for live!

About  @ilylifeproducer    #MindAcademy  join for a six week training mindfulness program.

About @ilylifeproducer

#MindAcademy join for a six week training mindfulness program.

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