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Hola, my name is Ily :D

Holistic Producers is a project committed to build a better world with loving-kindness communities.

I believe that inner love can strengthen our lives. The guidance I offer you is based in my experience with body movement, stillness of mind, and emotional hygiene to help you discover the voice of your inner soul.

I was trained as a professional dancer for more than 15 years. My restlessness personality took me to different paths where I learned to develop educational and digital platforms based in well-being and balancing techniques, such as:

Mindfulness, Yoga, Coaching, amongst others.

I had participated in numerous conferences and panels on well-being techniques, massive meditations and gatherings to empower women. Entitle by different gurus, mentors and teachers I knew that my unique way to share my inner light was by using my refreshing thinking style and ability to combine methods, skills, and ideas from different disciplines.

So, here I am :D

Today I am working towards a future where I can gain experience as Business Social Entrepreneur & Holistic Consultant

I am Member of the Advisory Board & Chief Operating Officer at World Happiness Fest / Agora - bēCREATION

This past year I have been involved in the brand building of Time2Talk as Operations Manager. A digital platform who´s main purpose is to deliver online therapy to individuals and companies. Besides that is a platform that offers services for NOM 035 and a wellness marketplace where you can find guided meditations, fitness sessions, amongst other amazing things.

My latest experience as an Executive Director was on the nonprofit sector in Medita Mexico for more than 3 years and Academic Manager Researcher for Synchronicity Mexico for one more year.

I considered myself highly skilled to shape public relationships and negotiation, also designing business, communication and digital marketing strategies. Through all my life I have managed competitive teams in sports, dancing and start ups, encouraging creative thinking, social commitment, leadership and developing partnerships with key stokeholders.

About  @ilylifeproducer    #MindAcademy  join for a Six Week Training Mindfulness Program.

About @ilylifeproducer

#MindAcademy join for a Six Week Training Mindfulness Program.

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